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Strikers is Closing May 13th

I am sorry to say that I am closing our doors after 4 years. I am sad that this has to happen and hope the best for each and every one of the players that practiced here at Strikers. I am very happy for the friendships I made and hope to cross paths again.

Investors needed: Investors will be needed if I locate a new site to open a sports facility. If interested in being an investor or an active participant in helping run the facility please contact me.

Clubs/ Schools: Prior to building or taking the step to rent or purchase a new facility I will need to contract with groups times for usage of the facility. If interested in receiving information as details unfold please email myself at

I can be contacted at 

Our last day is May 13, 2016





Run your drills and practice your moves to make the perfect play during the game.

Time to go online and reserve your field time. If reserving more than 2-3 visits please contact us direct!


You win by being a coachable player, one that listens to the advice of the coach and making the best plays on the field. Even if it is as simple as a pass to another player.

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