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Either way this is eye catching real estate for your competition if you do not use it!

Apremier turfed facility located in Milwaukee, WI 

(440 S Curtis Rd, West Allis - 53214)

Offering prime rental times for teams and clubs to practice and prepare for their seasons. Party's and Company Outings are welcome to rent also. 

Strikers also offers camps and clinics by independent coaches.

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Peter Schwichtenberg -

          Independent Baseball Coach




Run your drills and practice your moves to make the perfect play during the game.

Time to go online and reserve your field time. If reserving more than 2-3 visits please contact us direct!


You win by being a coachable player, one that listens to the advice of the coach and making the best plays on the field. Even if it is as simple as a pass to another player.


  ...practice makes perfect!!!